Acting/Fight Reels

Stunt fight rehearsal on the set of the feature film,


*Thank you very much to Director Ansel Faraj and Producer Kelly Decker for inviting me onto their set & kudos to the actors on their same-day rehearsal and filming.

First stunt fight rehearsal for the action film,


*Thank you very much to Director John Olvera and excellent work by two great actors on their first fight scene.

Playing Lt. Baker in “Halloween …”


*Thank you very much to Edgar Castuera for his superb stunt fighting skills on our same-day rehearsal and filming.

Stunt fight B-roll on the set of the feature film,


*Thank you very much to stuntman Brian C. Baker for performing exceptionally well on a stunt fight where I had only a few minutes to choreograph.

Fight choreography for a video

Duncan takes a kick…

Some laughs…